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NSP - Ninja Sex Party
« il: Settembre 04, 2015, 10:35:23 »
Li scopro solo ora... Ouh ma quanto sono bravi? :o
Danny ha una voce pazzesca e mi pare che Ninja Bryan e' il tastierista.

I testi delle canzoni sono GENIALI! ;D

Dear Princess. This is a message from the battlefront, from your trusted knight, Sir Daniel Sexbang

I have ridden thousands of miles
I have survived the deadliest trials
I've fought through battles you can't even dream
For a taste of your peppermint creams

Sword and steed are all that I've had
To conquer the evil over the land
But the beacon of light at the end of their schemes
Was the thought of your peppermint creams

OH! Talkin' about your boobies
The peppermint creams are your boobies
Your boobalicious boobies

Lost in the dark of eternal night
Failing my quest meant the end of my life
And when things were the worst I wanted to scream
Then I thought of your peppermint creams

Now I kneel and pray to the gods
Amidst fallen cities and crumbling facades
That I shall return and make you my queen
And bask in your peppermint creams

Which do I like more? Your boobs or your butt?
GOD ABOVE don't make me choose!
I'd rather die than choose I'D RATHER FUCKING DIE!!!!!

And with these last words
I must now bid you adieu
You are my princess
And I will always love you……r boobs. It's the boobs. I like the boobs more, I just realized.

Why hello there. You're a very attractive young lady. I'd like to ask you out on the hottest of dates. I see that you have a lot of other gentlemen suitors. Allow me to make my case...

This guy plays football
But I once won the whole super bowl by myself
This guy is a weightlifter
But I can bench an entire continental shelf

That dude is a scientist
But I already cured all diseases last week
And if that's not enough lemme ask
When was last time one of these dicks killed a motherfuckin' mythical beast?

Oh yeah, I will rock your world
Cause I'm a dragon slayer, girl!
I shall now expose my chest
Don't act like you're not impressed

How hard did I just seal the deal
With my dragon slayer steel
Do you feel all my sexy appeal
And my story that's so very totally real

I rode up to the mountaintop
It was ninety million hundred fifty thousand hundred feet in the air
Til I found the Dragon's cave
And I fought through his army of awesome karate bears

The Dragon's breath was a blast from hell
And we fought so hard I missed a longstanding appointment for brunch
Then I swung my horse like a club
And it caused a sonic boom that ruptured space and then exploded the sun

Oh yeah, you are now in love
With both my dragon slaying nuts
I killed a demon with these hands
Did I say I'm also in a band?

In case you might need more proof
I brought the dragon right to you
Ooh! it's the one that I slew
He'll attest that my story is totally true.

Dragon dance!

I am a dragon.
Not some guy Dan met at the bus station in a dragon suit

Girl let's go back to my place
Nothing fancy, just a huge mansion in space
Can you guess what's coming next?
Here's a hint: I'm talking about sex

This is the best day of your life
You'll be my dragon slayer wife
All right! Now it's time to decide
Which lucky one of us is gonna be your lover tonight?

Oh, I see you've chosen the football player. And the scientist. And apparently the weightlifter as well. And the dragon. And Ninja Brian. And the Manticore!? He wasn't even in this song!

I met a girl a few weeks ago
She's so smart and beautiful
When she's around I feel my heart beat
Down in the very depths of my soul

So c-c-c-c-c'mon Ninja Brian pack your bags
We're going on a cross-country trip
‘Cause if this girl and I go on one more date
We'll start a meaningful relationship

Let’s hit the road
I was so close to personal growth
So California here I come

I wanna bone across the nation
Let's bust a load of summer fun!

I porked most of New York
I banged 'em silly in Philly
I had ‘em screaming for Balti-more

I slapped my groin on Des Moines
And dropped my phallus in Dallas
We’re only halfway through Day Four

I g-g-g-g-gave some C to DC
Bust coconuts on Miami
I shot puree on Santa Fe

I gave some penix to Phoenix
And my nuts rattled Seattle
So hard they felt it in LA

Now here we are
In California
These girls are hot
And Brian bought us a new yacht
(He killed the previous owner)

Let’s raise the sail
For a gonadventure
This boner quest has just begun!

I left ‘em smitten in Britain
And had sex so hard with Lima it landed in Argentina
Then things got beejy in Fiji
I had a four-way in Norway and started breedin’ with Sweden
New Zealand got a blast of my semen
I did some butt stuff with Russians
Until they got a concussion

I Banged-ladesh!
Now there's only one way to keep things fresh, ‘cause...

I've conquered Earth
It is time to move on!
Let's take a rocket
Find some hot alien sluts
(Set phasers to thrust)

No time for spacesuits
I am way too horny!
Let's show this galaxy what's HAUKKKKKKKKK

What's up baby? You're a very sexy lady
What's a good girl like you doing in a 'hood like this?
Your life's in danger every enemy's a stranger
But good for you I rule this town with my iron fists

Check my sunglasses for proof that I kick some asses
No more classes, you've been schooled and now you know the deal
Everyone here has a black belt in "Amazing"
And diplomas from The University of Fucking Keepin' it Real

Hey! Hey! That's how we're living
Welcome to Attitude City
Hey! Hey! No fucks are given
When you're in Attitude City

Hey! Hey! You made the right decision
If your goal was to learn how to rock
Now sit back as I walk you though
My life as the baddest fuckin' dude on the block

Every morning I wake up before the dawn and
Run a half a mile in forty seven minutes flat (Unh!)
Then shit gets crazy, I water my grandma's daisies
And sit down with her for biscuits and have a nice chat (Fuck yeah!)

Then I maintain this insane body with weight training
Can't contain me! Put five pounds up on that barbell rack! (Do it!)
Just ask my mother, I am one tough fuckin' fucker
And if I have scary dreams I can just go to sleep between her and dad

Hey! Hey! No one can faze me!
When I'm in Attitude City
Hey! Hey! This shit gets crazy
Daily in Attitude City

Hey! Hey! My rock is fuckin' tasty...but here come some tough
Guys from the town, trying to steal my crown
I'll take on your whole bitchass gang, now let's throw the fuck down!

Ninja Brian, would you lay down a sick flute solo for me?
Thank you.

Oh what a lovely spring day
For you to visit our city
Here are some tasty gumdrops
And rainbow colored lollipops (lollipops)

Do come again with your thugs
But only if you like bro hugs
Here's my wallet
Have a nice

HEY! THAT'S RIGHT! We are the masters
Of fuckin' Attitude City!
Harder and faster
Than you in Attitude City

HEY! WE ARE nightmare disasters!
For anyone who
Shows disrespect, girl your life we'll protect
And if you think we're awesome then you are extremely correct!

Sorry, I don't know why we said fuck there...
Sorry again.

A newborn deer runs through a field
A rainbow shines from heaven
A child's smile lights up the room
As Brian blows a dude

A star shoots in from outer space
A puppy licks its mother
A ray of sunlight through the trees
As Brian licks a sack

There would be no sadness
If we were super gay
Just unicorns and magic
If we were super gay

We would all be flying
On a tasteful pink duvet
But mostly Brian
Mostly Brian's gay

Here's a list of things that Brian likes to suck

Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick ,dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, BALLS!

Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick ,dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, Balls! One! Two! Balls!

Your dick, my dick, your dick, my dick, your dick, my dick, your dick, my dick
your dick, your dick, your dick, your dick, balls!

My balls and dick! Dick, dick, dick, dick ,dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, oh shit!

I want my P in your V
Want you to S on my D
Gotta J Off on your T's
Then FYI I wanna F your A

Just stuff your mouth with my Bs
Don't LOL at my C
And FYI I wanna F your A

Girl, I can tell that you know what I mean
But just in case, I will provide the translation
Like how I want you to sign up for the PTA
That's the Penis Touching Association

Tonight let's watch a DVD
That means you'll get a Dicking oh so Very Delicately
I'll take the SAT, you'll take the GRE
I'll do Such Amazing Thrusting that you'll Get Ready for Ecstasy

Holy S!
I'll bust a N on your chest
You know my D is the best
And FYI I wanna F your A

No F'in way!
So how about a BJ?
If not, that's also OK
But FYI I wanna F your A

Let's play a sexy RPG
While we watch ABC and eat a bowl of MSG
Meaning that I'll Really Pound your Groin
As you Achieve Butt Climax and Make Sex Gravy

You'll be a VIP at the DMV
Very Intensely Plowed by a Dick Made out of Victory
LOL! JK, I love your TLC
And you can bet I'll BRB for some more S-E-X ASAP

FYI! F your A!
Everybody say FYI! (FYI!)
Everybody say F your A! (F Your A!)
I'll F your V then your T's then your A then your M
Then your T's then your V then your A again
If you want me to F your A, say yeah!

You've been counting all the days off
Of your calendar for weeks now
You can't wait for Saturday cause
That's the night that it all goes down
From 7:45 to 7:48 PM in particular
Cause that is when I'll give you what you need

Three minutes of ecstasy several nights a month
You just tell me baby if that is too much
When my stuff is in your stuff
Our souls become entwined
For 180 seconds
My sex has blown your mind

(Oh my god you're so welcome.)

Go ahead and call all your girlfriends
And give them the details of how it went down
I know you can't wait, to brag to all of them
About how I took your ass to Wangtown
I'll get my captain's hat, put on my floaties
And we'll set for sexy seas, for at least...

Three minutes of ecstasy
Any more and this house would burn
That's why I don't last longer
Your safety is my main concern
If you haven't finished
Well baby that's just fine

You know that I'm here for you
Oh shit, look at the time

(I have to go to the pudding store, for pudding. Adieu....)

1 one thousand, 2 one thousand
3 one thousand, 4 one thousand
5 one thousand, 6 one thousand
7 one thousand, 8 one thousand
9 one thousand, 10 one thousand
11 one thousand, 12 one thousand
13 one thousand, 14 one thousand
15 one thousand, 16 one thousand

Maybe it's starting to sink in, just how long three minutes really is. Let's skip to the end...
179 one thousand, 180 one thousand HU-AAAH!!!


Three minutes of ecstasy
Several nights a month
But not more than four times a month
That would be ridiculous

I'm sure I left you happy
But in case that's not enough
Here's a copy of my headshot
And a drawing of my nuts
A drawing of my nuts
A drawing of my nuts

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Re: NSP - Ninja Sex Party
« Risposta #1 il: Settembre 04, 2015, 10:44:47 »
C'è posto per un solo ninja in questa città

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Re: NSP - Ninja Sex Party
« Risposta #2 il: Settembre 04, 2015, 12:22:42 »
Prez, ma che cazzo c'entra?  ::)
Hai dato un ascolto alle canzoni almeno?

Chris, guardati i video, secondo me ti piacciono :P

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Re: NSP - Ninja Sex Party
« Risposta #3 il: Settembre 04, 2015, 12:24:53 »
No Rikk, non ho ascoltato le canzoni.

C' entra il ninja. Credevo fosse accettabile come minimo comune denominatore.